3 Step Lash Lifting System


Can be used for Brow Lamination.

Our 3 Step system to Lash lifting, this system can also be used for brow lamination.

Lift your client's natural lashes with this kit. Treatment completed in under 1 hr, with Immediate results. This treatment can be repeated every 6-8 weeks. Average 14 treatments. In handy pump action bottles, no wasted product.Our favourite Step is No.3 a Keratin & Collagen Laminator. This seals the lash and closes it by filling collagen, protein and most importantly keratin into the lash! Great alternative to lash extensions. * Patch Testing Required

  • Step No1. Lifting lotion 5g
  • Step No.2 ¬†Fixing lotion 5g
  • Step No.3 Keratin Treatment 5g

Our guild-lines for product use will be send to you will you purchase. If you would like to see the information before purchasing, please contact me on 07966485036

Manufactured in the UK




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