NEW Power Fix 15mls


Lash retention maximiser. Returning to lashing be sure not to have any issues with the lash retention?! Your clients will be super happy if you apply our power fix solution at the end of your treatment, this will create a super-bond.

Power fix works with all adhesives it helps to maximise the retention creating instant polarisation without shock curing, adding elasticity to the adhesive ...It also helps decrease chances is of sensitivity and irritation for your client by locking in the odour! Also no need to be concerned about your client getting their lashes wet As the solution will cure them immediately.

Wait two minutes after the last lash has been applied. Apply a small amount of power fix to a microfibre brush and gently dab over the adhesive bond, allowed to dry… your client is good to go! Works with all lash adhesives. One bottle is enough for 150 to 200 clients!

Cruelty free, vegan, fully compliant, made in the UK.


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